Welcome to Santa Rosa Yoga Therapy!

Santa Rosa Yoga Therapy is an intimate and focussed Yoga Therapy practice in Santa Rosa that is deeply rooted in traditional Yoga techniques. Our practice draws from the healing properties of the mind-body connection into which Yoga has such rich, ancient, and wonderfully effective insight, steering clear from the common, often competitive emphasis on simply attaining and maintaining postures. The founder’s, Mary Poxon, direction is to live her yoga, sharing with others the leading research demonstrating how yoga and meditation can help improve common conditions such as: high blood pressure, migraine headaches, asthma, chronic back pain, digestive disorders, diabetes, conditions associated with menopause, insomnia, and chronic illnesses. Santa Rosa Yoga Therapy is rooted in the perspective that simple awareness, breath and movement assist in our overall health and vitality, and in the amazing power of the body-mind to heal itself. Yoga and meditation are deeply connected to peak performance in all aspects of life.


Please contact us to schedule an appointment or with questions about how we can help you live the best life possible and with everything you have at this very moment.

Namaste (“to you I bow”)


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