About the Director


Thank you for choosing Santa Rosa Yoga Therapy for all your therapeutic yoga needs! A little about the founder/director:

Dr. Mary Poxon DDS, CYT grew up in the beach cities of Los Angeles and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1977 from Loyola Marymount University. In 1981, Dr. Poxon earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of California in San Francisco. Mary thrived in her private family practice for 28 years, the last 18 of which were spent in Santa Rosa, California.

In 2008, after a rewarding and successful dental career, Mary enrolled in the Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola Marymount. She was inspired by its unique and ground-breaking curriculum headed by the renowned writer and Yogi Larry Payne PhD.

Career-ending musculoskeletal problems led to Dr. Poxon’s decision to devote her working life to helping others who have chronic pain, stress, and other health conditions.  Mary established a small and focussed Yoga Therapy practice in Santa Rosa, a practice deeply rooted in traditional yoga techniques, drawing from the healing properties of the mind-body connection into which Yoga has such rich, ancient and wonderfully effective insight.  The practice steers clear of the common, often competitive emphasis on simply attaining and maintaining physical postures.  Dr. Poxon’s desire in this part of her life is to live her yoga.  She teaches yoga therapy and shares the latest research findings that detail how yoga and meditation can help improve so many common conditions.  Mary comes from the perspective that simple awareness, breath, and movement are imperative to overall health and vitality and, thus, in healing.  Dr. Poxon also believes that yoga and meditation is deeply connected to peak performance in all aspects of one’s life.

In addition to earning advanced and clinical certifications from the groundbreaking Yoga Therapy Rx program at LMU, Dr. Poxon is Prime of Life yoga certified, specializing in midlife and beyond.  Mary is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IYAT).  Along with her work under the direction of Larry Payne at Loyola Marymount, she completed beginning and advanced training with iRest™ ~  research conducted by U.S. Military and major University Medical Centers across the nation has shown iRest™ Yoga Nidra effectively reduces:  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency.

Mary currently is embarking on a 200-hour teacher training with Mirka Krafstow, codirector of the  American Viniyoga Institute, under whose direction she studies.

You can find Mary teaching yoga therapy in her cozy practice in Santa Rosa and staying abreast of cutting-edge scientific findings regarding overall wellness, from a self-proclaimed science geek’s perspective.  Dr. Poxon wants to help people realize ways in which yoga therapy can lead them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.