It has been my pleasure to be a client of Mary Poxon.  What brought me to Mary was that I had several lingering problems over the years that effected my daily lifestyle.  I had limited motion range in my left arm and shoulder, as well as occasional severe pain in my right foot.  Physicians concluded that the problem in my arm was acute arthritis and the problem in my foot was related to compressed discs in my lower back.  The doctors said that there was nothing I could do for my arm but they were eager to operate on my back to alleviate the pain.  I was hesitant to have any surgery that would leave me incapacitated for over 6 months. I was resigned that this would be my stay in life. Mary felt differently, she felt that her YOGA program would be beneficial for both my shoulder and foot.  The program that she designed for me was, to say the least, a life changer.  I have never  been very disciplined about any form of exercise or stretching.  Mary set up a program for me that not only did I find easy to do but I looked forward to do every day.  The daily routine provided almost instant relief for my nagging foot pain.  After a few months the pain that was almost hourly in the past had decreased so much that I can not remember the last time it occurred.  My shoulder and arm motion is now fluid and I feel comfortable lifting objects again.  The most important result could be summed up as the change in my general well being.  Simply put, I have not felt this good in years.  The short time that I take every day to do the routine has had numerous benefits.  I have more energy, lost weight in a healthy manner, and my general physical and emotional well being has vastly improved.

All this was done with Mary’s knowledge, enthusiasm  and compassion for her client and Yoga.  Many thanks Mary.

~John S.,  Motion Picture Executive


Mary’s gentle and compassionate guidance helped me to overcome my chronic back pain. She has taken her lifetime of experience as a scientist and yogi to design an individual practice for me that I carry into my daily life. I can now sit, walk and drive without discomfort while feeling serene and adventurous. Hurrah!

~Eileen B., teacher


Group yoga classes, although beneficial, were not able to address my specific issues. After a lifetime of incorrect body mechanics and some bad habits, I needed serious straightening out, movement and flexibility. I was indeed in need of a yoga therapy prescription. Mary’s expertise in this area and the personalized yoga practice she has designed for me have effectively dealt with problems ranging from constant foot pain to chronic shoulder and neck pain, putting me firmly on the path to overall wellness and well-being. I am not the most disciplined student of yoga and Mary’s gentle approach, patience, support, encouragement, and continued guidance keep me on that path.

~Gratefully, Marta McMahon


Mary brings to her expertise and deep study in the field of yoga therapy an empathetic clarity and balance that make her an exceptional practitioner and teacher.

~Carol Sanoff, massage therapist/Breema practitioner


With Mary’s guidance as my yoga therapist I am stronger, healthier, and enjoy a serenity that I have never known before. My bouts with IBS are kept in check and I have bid farewell to lower back pain.

~Paula Sanchez, bookbinder/Spanish and French language teacher


After I injured my back—doing yoga—Mary showed me a gentler style that worked to heal my back through strengthening it.  I like that she eschews current extreme models of yoga for a frankly saner approach more concerned with long-term health.  She tailored a program with me based on my age and abilities, and at every point was careful that I not re-injure myself.  She’s a thoughtful and patient teacher, excellent at understanding her students’ individual needs.

~Gary B., editor


Needing help for the painful after-effects of a rotator cuff injury, combined with the aches and pains of aging, I sought out Mary Poxon in her Santa Rosa studio.  Mary’s warm and gentle, yet persuasive manner immediately put me at ease, and the yoga routines she recommended proved very helpful.  Mary is a healer by her nature, and I continue to be grateful for her presence in my life.

~Thurston Smith, age 72